When Nice is Maybe Not so Nice

Nice has become such a strange word. Does ‘That’s nice’ mean whatever it is, is nice … or something else entirely? Grumpy cat doesn’t need much interpretation!


I point at yummo chocolate, shoes and stationery (yes I am a bit weird I know πŸ™‚ but I do have an amazing collection of notebooks and pens) and say “ooohhhh that looks nice.” And I actually mean I would like the item(s). But otherwise I use it when I can’t think of anything better to say.

How do you use the word nice?

Now I am thinking about it, the strongest association I have with the word, is with my mother telling me to make sure I was always one of the nice girls. I just knew the bad girls were having a whole lot more fun so ‘nice’ doesn’t necessarily mean good in my book!

I will be watching myself! The next time I go to use the word ‘nice’ – I will make sure I really mean it. Whatever it is I mean πŸ˜›

How about you? What do you say instead of nice? Or is the word not fraught with too much sarcasm for you?

13 thoughts on “When Nice is Maybe Not so Nice

  1. I think the girls from Fountain Lakes say it the best Kimmie – it’s noice, it’s different, it’s unusual, it’s noice.
    Now I just know you’re busy googling Fountain Lakes…..

  2. I totally like you post on the word “nice.” Maybe the word is over-used. And that makes it not so nice. But being a nice person isn’t a bad think Kim. I think you can be nice and a wee bit naughty at the same time. I do know nice people that have fun too. Just sayin’. πŸ™‚

  3. I have absolutely no idea how much/little I use “nice”. I’ll have to pay attention and figure it out. I have a funny feeling I left nice awhile back and now use more colorful words. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Marianna, thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚ there is certainly a lot of synonyms for the word nice – most of which more richly describe the character of niceness!

  4. Nice is kind of like the word “interesting,” which usually means “yeah, not really very interesting at all.” But, I use the word Nice a lot to describe someone who really is nice and there isn’t a nicer word to say that except maybe sweet. Enjoyed the post!

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