Earworm Attack

I really enjoyed watching Phantom of the Opera last week. It was an amateur production but the performers were amazing. Sadly though, I still had the music in my head several days later. It’s one thing having a simple catchy tune caught up in the cobwebs between my ears, but trying to sing along to “Music of the Night” is a much more serious (and dispiriting :P) matter.

WANA Commons by Kristen Lamb, on FlickrWANA Commons

The music wasn’t so much caressing me as hammering holes behind my eyes!

I tried ignoring it. Then several hard soduku puzzles. I decided overkill might help so I listened to different versions on u-tube (and squeaked sang along) a dozen times in a row. Nope. Nada. Nothing worked.

In despair, and without optimism, I found my hard rock playlist, pointed to November Rain and danced around the lounge room with my hairbrush microphone.

It worked!!!

What has worked for you when a dreaded earworm strikes?

7 thoughts on “Earworm Attack

  1. The big one that gets stuck in my head is the theme from Choo-Choo Soul on the Disney Channel. During the school year, I hear it every morning while I get the girls up and dressed. I do what you did–change songs in my head. And it’s gotta have a catchy hook or it won’t work.

  2. Ah, that Music of the Night. The only thing that helps me is to sing something else…but then THAT gets stuck. Those earworms sure know how to breed. Nice going, Kim!

  3. I love earworms. Music of the Night. It’s a Small World. The Song That Never Ends. Drives Hubby nuts, but I’ll sing them forever. šŸ™‚

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