Writing Course Over :(

Well my first foray into actually studying writing is finished. The last lesson was on Monday, the last writing homework was done on the weekend (Previously posted here: “Worst Nightmare”). I hope that my fellow students keep in touch.
I am feeling bereft of it already – so have started exploring other options. There is an online creative writing course that sounds OK as a stop gap … and a CAE course on novel writing that starts on May 20 which sounds very interesting.
I am also critiquing and posting in Scribblophile whenever I get the chance. Reviewing other writers work is more helpful than I thought it would be, much more so in fact. And the feedback from other writers is thought provoking, even if i would rather they said “it’s wonderful” !!!!
A few weeks ago we had a long weekend and no writing class or homework. I asked Graeme for a first sentence to get me started as I had a week looming with no writing task and couldn’t think of anything. He gave me the following:

“The darkness surrounded me, enveloped me, I felt strangely warm as if a quilt had been wrapped around me.”

I loved it! And came up with a poem the next day … and the first few pages of a possible short story in the next week. I am posting the poem next – and over the next few posts I might pop in the short story (which keeps growing – and is no longer that short :))
The poem is very very different to the short story – it’s just what came out of my head; really nothing to do with me at all!

Please post a comment or two if you have the time and / or inclination 🙂 thank you xxx

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