Darkness Surrounds Me

Darkness surrounds me
envelopes me
a strange warmth
spreads through me
as if a quilt
from grandmothers bed
had been wrapped around me
except the heat
sears my skin

Desperately my fingers
tear at the fabric
giant quills
push their way out
scratching my hands
ripping at
my eyes and ears
bound in the shredded fabric
I twist and contort

The skull mocks and snickers
blood oozes and bubbles
as a zombie takes shape
it’s mouth dripping
putrid saliva
a lopsided grin
does not disguise
rotting teeth
or its hunger for my flesh

Blind, or is it dark
deaf, or is this thing silent
mute, as I cannot
scream for help
or in bravado
hands still bound
even the liquid
I am bleeding
does not ease the pain this time

Black is turning
to a miserable grey
the desk is here
the bottle is here
empty of course
the start of another day
in the mirror
only my dead eyes
betray the night before

kc 25/3/2011

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