In A Crowd

It isn’t a massive crowd,
but big enough.
Sitting at what was the edge,
in the shade,
hands stepped on.
A bicycle rode over my foot,
and a lady with a pram,
but at least she said ‘watch your hand’.

Perhaps i should stand?
Better to stay small,
so i hug my knees,
and look at the grass.
It’s fresh and long,
and very green.
Smells like grass,
nice new shoots to pull out and squish,
I remember dad,
eating the soft ends of the new shoots.

Lots of feet and legs,
fat and skinny,
hairy and smooth,
ugly and nice.
Very jealous of the really nice ones !!

Clapping and cheering at last,
presentation must be over,
lots of people milling about,
walking past and around,
will be safe soon.

(Jan 2011, KC)

1 thought on “In A Crowd

  1. I love this, I could hear the noises coming from around a metre above me and sensing that slight feeling of claustrophobia. I too, remember Dad doing that but wouldn't have done so without reading this. Thanks for sharing those memories.

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